Igor Kretly
Creative Art Director / Head of creative

I like to see myself as a solution provider, leading the team to use the creativity in order to develop the best strategic, a product pleasant to the eye of our costumers and blend all this with an innovative use of technology.

In 20 years of advertising industry I had the pleasure to provide a high end visual for many kinds of clients like Benq-Siemens, Sansung, Yahoo, Discovery Channel, Goodyear, Microsoft, Boehringer, from all around the world and work at agencies like Grey, AlmapBBDO, SunsetDDB, RAPP Worldwide and E/OU-MRM.

Adobe Brazil's showcase with my illustration
"Easter. Gift and flowers" and
Wacom's showcase with
"Ketchup Hellmann's get into this addiction".
2020- Master of Business Administration - Marketing
University of São Paulo

2017- Postgraduate - Cinema and Multimedia Creation
Anhembi Morumbi University

2011 - Degree, Language and Literature
University of São Paulo

2000 - Degree - Visual Arts and Design
Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas

Zé Delivery - Call Zé and the carnival comes
Zé Delivery is the brazilian biggest player in beverage and drinks delivery App and now, they want to be in all big capitals of the country, but how to be different of any other apps?  Well, when every app sells the same service of logistic service, Zé delivery moments with friends.
In Brasil is growing a moviment what they called "Bloquinhos", witch are small carnival blocks that can occores in any day and any hour, so we use our concept of "your fun don't have time neither place to start".
This new brand position is reinforced by the Youtube video using humor to talk about a party that start in any place and with anyone, digital strategy with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, out of home and a creation of a small block called "Turma do Zé Bloquinho"to bring not only drinks, but also to bring the carnival to your door.

Eno - Stop afraid your coffee
Eno is an antacid wich relieve heartburn and indigestion in six seconds. Everyone who's experience burning sensation, abdominal pain and indigestion with deep-fried foods, coffees, sweeties, alcoholic drinks and cheeses for example are not allow to see foods and drinks as something good or pleasurable.
The concept behind the project "Stop afraid your food" is to create a visual metaphor quick understandable of what we feel about our food when we are suffering of heartburn and stomach acidity.

Harley Davidson Breakout
Harley Davidson is one of the most recognized motorcycles brand worldwide.
The target is primarily made up mans in the thirty years old seaking for for the experience of ride, freedom, connection and a lot of stories to tell.
So the basic idea behinde the concept is you never start a good story saying "I was at office".

Itaú - PIC
PIC is capitalization title where you can win until 2 million reais or you can wait for next year and get your money back, so you always win in some way but the core problem is the impossibility of using any kind of luck symbols and the message should be quick and friendly.
The concept brings in the joy of always win something.

Supergasbras - The most important prize of tonight is gilded
Supergasbras was the official LPG for all food stalls in one of the most traditional festival of Brazil. The core idea is to connect his most characteristic golden color with the great prize.

Porto Seguro - Agricultural Machinery
Porto Seguro Agricultural Machinery is an insurance policy for whom plants in everyday but can not catch unforeseen.

Itaú - Bike Sampa
With the new urbanistic project, it's time to give the protagonism to bikes and with Bike Sampa App the citizens of Sao Paulo can have free use of Itaú bikes for a hour. 
The ad uses the idea of if we use more bikes to walk, we help traffic in the city, so we'r leading a helping hand.

Thank you!